Rikki Tikki Shop

Rikki Tikki Shop is a webshop that sells home furnishings and decor as well as gift items for the design and home decoration connoisseur. Its style is classic and challenging with a twist of off-color, unique, and fun products from a large selection of designers.

The challenge

To increase turnover from both organic and paid traffic, Rikki Tikki Shop wanted to improve its online marketing through a comprehensive online strategy.

SEO webshop markedsføring

The solution

Comprehensive analysis of the webshop

On the basis of a comprehensive webshop analysis, we adjusted the site’s technical aspects to allow Google’s robots maximum site accessibility.

In addition to the technical part, we executed a thorough on-page optimization of the site, which inter alia entailed adjusting and correcting content, titles, and descriptions.

The totality of our work improved the client’s organic results.


Tripled traffic for Rikki Tikki Shop

  • 15% increase in placements
  • 300% increase in organic traffic through SEO work
  • 300% increase in CTR since July, 2014
  • Increased Christmas turnover from paid traffic by 79%
  • 500% increase in turnover from organic traffic
  • 31 top 3 placements and 53 top 10 placements on Google

In collaboration with the client, we improved the online marketing to an exceptionally satisfactory level and increased turnover through organic traffic.

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