Our nine most used Google Analytics features

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for achieving greater efficiency in your marketing efforts. Analytics gives you a unique insight into the behaviors and preferences of your visitors, which means you can optimize your website to shorten the path to your customers.

There are many useful features in Google Analytics. We have identified the nine we use the most here at Green.Click:

1. Overview of the number of visits/sessions
Click on ‘Target group’ —> ‘Overview’ in the menu on the left and you come to your overview where you can see the amount of visitors/sessions. It is important for you to know if the tendency is aligned with the market and your marketing efforts, and this page gives you that information.

2. Traffic sources for referral traffic
You can find this feature by clicking on ‘Acquisition’ and then ‘All traffic’ in the left menu. Here, you find a simple and legible overview of where your traffic is coming from, enabling you to use it in your marketing efforts. You can inter alia see how much traffic is coming from specific websites such as LinkedIn or Google+.

3. Exit pages
Here, you get an overview of where your visitors leave your website. This can give you useful information about what improvements you can make to these pages to prevent your visitors from leaving your site from these specific pages. You’ll find this feature in the left menu by clicking on ‘Behavior’ —> ‘Webpage content’ — > ‘Exit pages’.

4. Target conversion percentage
This is found in the left menu under ‘Behavior’ —> ‘Objectives’ —> ‘Overview’. Here, you get an overview of how big a percentage of your visitors convert according to your set objectives. The trend should ideally grow concomitantly with the reaching of these objectives.

5. Most visited pages
You can find this in the left menu under ‘Behavior’ —> Webpage content’ —> ‘All pages’. When you know which pages are visited the most, you have the opportunity to identify important content with an eye toward identifying what you need to work with and improve first. Afterwards, you can see if there are other pages in need of work, improvement, or heavier advertising.

6. Flow visualization
Flow visualization illuminates potential exits during the various stages of the purchasing process. Through this feature, you can identify where potential exits occur. For this reason, the feature is important to you who owns a webshop, as you have the opportunity to see if improvements are needed at the various stages. To use this feature, you must in the left menu click on ‘Conversions’ —> ‘Objectives’ —> ‘Flow visualization’.

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7. Search words
You can find this in the left menu under ‘Acquisition’ —> ‘AdWords’ —> ‘Search words’. Here, you get a simple and legible overview of how your Google AdWords search words are performing. That inter alia gives you the opportunity to see if there are underperforming search words in need of change.

8. Targets in relation to geography/cities
At the top of the map, the set objective is selected – e.g. ‘Target set 1’ or ‘e-trade’, and at the bottom you select ‘City’. This gives you the opportunity to identify from where in the country your conversions are coming. To find this feature, click on ‘Target group’ —> ‘Geo’ —> ‘Geographical area’ in the left menu.

9. Dashboard panel
You can find this in the left menu under ‘Dashboard panel’ —> ‘Private’ —> ‘My Dashboard panel’. You use the dashboard panel to get your daily or weekly overview. It enables you to easily gauge your marketing efforts and identify to what degree you are on your way to reaching your objectives.

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