Google Shopping — present your products and prices directly on Google.

Google Shopping is without comparison the market’s most efficient online advertising tool for webshop owners. Contact Green.Click and get visible pictures, current prices, and product names directly on Google in collaboration with our certified Google Shopping team.

When a picture sells more than 1.000 words

Do you run a webshop ...?

... and depend on a variety of online traffic sources to reach your turnover objectives? Then Google Shopping is not only an obvious but essential supplement to your online marketing. Google Shopping not only draws attention away from your rivals' traditional AdWords campaigns, but when you also factor in the less intense competition — and therefore the lower click prices — on this service, it may quickly prove too costly to ignore it all together.

From traditional to innovative marketing

With Google Shopping you get the opportunity of selecting a number of specific products from your webshop that you wish to market directly on Google with a strong visual expression. Do you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors? Do you have a competitively priced product you can get behind? Then Google Shopping is an indispensable tool for an ambitious webshop owner like you. Why? Because thorough and targeted advertising equals increased turnover.

Case story
In collaboration with Green.Click we have achieved more top placements on Google and visible results for the company. – Dansk Halbyggeri
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Google Remarketing

Reach customers who have previously visited your website and turn lost customers into paying customers.

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Facebook Marketing

Develop your brand, promote your company, and build new relationships with Facebook marketing.

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Achieve measurable results with a certified Google agency

At Green.Click we have dedicated Google shopping specialists for all your ad needs. We accommodate local businesses, nationwide companies, franchises, and international campaign management. Contact us at 70 230 540 and let us together achieve online success with Google Shopping.


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