Google Premier Partner

Green.Click is one of only a few agencies in Denmark that have earned a Premier Partnership with Google.

Green.Click and Google help you with your online marketing

Since Green.Click’s founding, we have maintained our goal of becoming Danish companies’ preferred collaborator within online marketing. Our ambitions and expert knowledge have led to Green.Click being able to call ourselves Google Premier Partner.

Earnest collaboration

To attain a Premier Partnership with Google, a company must pass a number of benchmarks. Google sets high standards for their Premier Partners, which is why only carefully selected companies reach that coveted status.

Some of the benchmarks a company must pass are:

  • Superior advertiser experiences
  • Managing large amounts of clients
  • Sales person demands
  • Customer support demands
  • Well-functioning infrastructure
  • AdWords a core product

In return, we have a greater chance of offering our clients efficient and ardent online marketing. The partnership gives us direct access to Google in the form of support for inter alia technical aspects and account administration. Further, Google contributes continuously with suggestions for how we can increase our efficiency and add more value to our clients’ campaigns.

The Premier Partnership additionally grants us the opportunity to organize various events in collaboration with Google. By this means, we can together propagate new knowledge about online marketing to clients and other interested parties.


Recognition from Google

A Premier Partnership is a recognition from Google that we work ardently and with purpose for our clients. We are proud to have received this proof that our knowledge, experience, and great efforts live up to Google’s tough standards.

To our clients, it means that their campaigns are managed by experts with access to the latest Google knowledge. Our clients will therefore always be one step ahead in the struggle for the good placements on the world’s biggest search engine.