Gades Møbelcenter

Gades Møbelcenter is a well-known furniture store in Aalborg with more than 50 years experience. In addition to its own brands, it offers a line of other popular brands such as Farstrup, Dunlopillo, Tempur, Klim, Stouby, Rimme, Natuzzi, and Bred Furniture.

The challenge

Improved online visibility

Through a comprehensive online strategy, Gades Møbelcenter wanted to achieve greater visibility in its local area. The company both physically and online has numerous competitors, but with the excellent online potential for its industry in mind, it nevertheless wanted to attract more visitors to its site.

The solution

Optimal site accessibility for Google’s robots

We performed an analysis of Gade Møbelcenters website with the aim of adjusting the technical details that give optimal site accessibility for Google’s robots. In addition to that, we executed comprehensive on-page optimization of titles, descriptions, and content.

This greatly increased Gade Møbelcenter’s local visibility.

The results

Improved Google placements by 78%


  • Improved Google placements by 78%
  • 9 page 1 placements, of which two were in the top 3
  • In excess of 40 contacts through calls and forms per month
  • More than 60 ‘find the store’ conversions per month

Through analysis and traffic generation, we thus created palpable results for the company.