Online analysis of chains and franchises

Do you run a nationwide business with multiple local branches? And do you want to utilize your local marketing advantages as part of a national strategy?

With a Franchise Analysis from Green.Click, you get an overview of your company’s online visibility with both local and national data points. The Franchise Analysis assesses your business from Google’s and the customers' perspectives and presents concrete optimization suggestions on whose basis even small details can result in a domino effect of economic growth from branch to branch.

Become visible locally

— and win nationally

25 to 30 percent of all online searches are focused locally. The users prioritize the local area when they search for products and services, a tendency which makes demands of companies with several local branches. The effects of the main office’s marketing strategy must create bottom line results for the local branches, and with a Franchise Analysis, a comprehensive analysis of the website and the online performance of the local branches is delivered.

At Green.Click we execute franchise analyses with a focus on three decisive components that ensure success both nationally and locally:

1) The website analysis uncovers to what degree your current online platform is suited for a local push.

2) The strategic analysis assesses the relevance of your current strategy and determines to what degree it utilizes the advantages with local synergy effect.

3) The competitor analysis gives insight into the sector’s heavy hitters and from which undertakings their local branches benefit.

We focus on:

  • A comprehensive online franchise undertaking begins on the homepage. The homepage must generally reflect the company’s brand and the value of its products or services, but — most importantly — every individual branch must be represented by its own unique subpage. One branch, one subpage.

    By presenting each branch with its own unique description, local online presence is accentuated. 25 to 30% of all searches are locally focused, a tendency one can either take advantage of or leave to one’s local competitors.

  • To what degree is the main office’s strategy reflected in the individual branches? Are there positive tendencies in the local branches that can be applied nationally to the benefit of all branches? At Green.Click we have extensive experience with prioritizing local marketing budgets where the national strategy is anchored in a local setup.

    The customers live and trade locally, a precondition that must be woven into the company’s online strategy. Learn how you can take advantage of the success stories and positive tendencies of the individual branches by turning the results into a national strategy.

  • The competitor analysis uncovers how the company’s online visibility compares to that of the closest competitors. In the analysis, references will be made to successful franchise takers in other industries, where the consistency between the local and national strategies creates value for both Google and the companies.

    The competitor analysis is carried out with a point of departure in the company’s general online objectives as well as in up to five local branches. This could be branches that experience strong competition in their local area or limited online success; or perhaps the point of departure could be a city in which you want to open a branch and need to review the market for potential customers and the online presence of competitors.

  • You receive the combined franchise analysis in a PDF file and subsequently review the analysis with one of our experienced Google specialists over the phone. As a franchise ourselves, we know the importance of a healthy synergy effect in individual local branches, since it is in the local area the trade — and therefore the turnover — is generated.

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