Education program for jobseekers – Google Certified Manager

Green.Click is to educate job seekers in online marketing. In collaboration with UCN act2learn TEKNOLOGI, we have put together a relevant education program to increase opportunities for jobseekers who wish to work in marketing.

It is with joy and great expectations that we send one of Green.Click’s own Google experts, Andreas Wever Madsen, off to teach the brand new education program. Andreas is used to teaching internally at Green.Click where he handles start-up training for new co-workers. The education program for the jobseekers will be relevant for the participants, as it aims at some of the very concrete work areas we operate in on an everyday basis. We thereby hope to aid in creating better opportunities for those who want to make a career for themselves within our industry and others similar to it.

Another reason for the creation of the education program is that many companies today need both social media managers and Google-certified managers. It may therefore open the door to many exciting jobs within online marketing.

Education in Google AdWords and Analytics
The objective of the education program is to supply participants with tons of relevant knowledge about online marketing that can be used in future job positions. To reach this objective, we educate the participants in Google AdWords and Google Analytics; areas not covered in traditional education programs. Education in social media marketing and Adobe Photoshop is also part of the program. Retouching and manipulating photos is inter alia taught in Photoshop.

Course and enrollment for the Google Certified Manager education program
In addition to our Google expert, the teaching staff will consist of social media expert, Thomas Fisker Nielsen, and design consultant, Cecilie Elisabeth Kobbelgaard.

The course fluctuates between teaching at Center for act2learn Teknologi and self-study. On self-study days, hotline support is available, enabling two-way communication and counseling for the duration of the course.

The course kicks off on 29 February, 2016 and continues for a total of 18 weeks. The theoretical parts cover five weeks of basic theory and are followed by seven weeks of supplemental theory. Between each theory term are positioned two two-week company internships. The course concludes with two weeks of counseling, project writing, and finals.

The course is free for jobseekers entitled to a job program. Questions or enrollment should be directed at education consultant, Vicki Banch Friis Frederiksen, at 72  691 734 or For more details on the education program.

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