Dansk Halbyggeri

Dansk Halbyggeri is one of Denmark’s preferred collaborators within the field of gymnasium construction. The construction company has many years of experience in taking on entrepreneurial operations within this construction category.

The challenge

Dansk Halbyggeri had minimal visibility on Google and therefore very little traffic on its dedicated website. The company operates in a very competitive market and consequently wanted increased visibility and more website traffic.

The solution

Comprehensive analysis

We performed a comprehensive analysis of Dansk Halbyggeri’s online presence and configured an appropriate online strategy.

The strategy entailed thorough AdWords and SEO campaigns, which also came to include Youtube, Remarketing, and Display advertising.

Green.Click managed the complete strategy in close collaboration with Dansk Halbyggeri, which established a common thread through the whole campaign and ensured a synergy efffect of the many measures.

The results

11 top placements

  • 11 top placements on important search words relating to the construction business
  • 57% increased traffic through organic SEO results
  • 74% increased traffic through paid AdWords results

In total, our collective online efforts produced an increase of 88% more visitors on Danskhalbyggeri.dk.

In collaboration with the client, we therefore converted the company’s vision into tangible results.