Achieve online success with chains and franchises

A centralized, consistent, and data-driven marketing strategy is the key to success for chains and franchises. At Green.Click we understand the needs and objectives that run from central management to the local branches, and we possess the knowledge that converts your good reputation into a comprehensive, national online campaign strategy. It is a recipe for national as well as local success.

Become locally visible with a national strategy

Attracting and keeping customers at a company with multiple addresses requires a marketing strategy based in the local branches. Local presence and success are not achieved by forcing a national campaign upon local branches but by letting the local branches shape the national strategy. At Green.Click we work with the local data, letting positive aspects be transfered from branch A to branch B for increased value creation.

Case story
Green.Click managed to create structure and consistency in an area with far greater volume and potential than expected. With branches across the country, we benefit from a competent collaborator who is able to weave local and national fragments into a whole. – Restaurant Flammen
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Create a thread that unites Google, your brand, and the local branch

Interested customers search for product information, while purchase-ready customers search for the nearest branch. This is a proviso that saturates all Green.Click marketing campaigns for companies with local branches. We work with online marketing on two levels: 1) Relevant and targeted advertising with visible placements at the top of Google, and 2) Web counseling that prepares your website for customer referrals, conversions, and increased turnover. You are given specific optimization suggestions, continuous follow-up, and measurable results from all local branches.


Achieve local presence with Green.Click

At Green.Click we have dedicated Google AdWords teams for all your ad needs. We accommodate local businesses, nationwide companies, franchises, and international campaign management. Contact us at 70 230 540 and let us together achieve online success with Google AdWords.