Call Tracking

Get unique insight into company calls by tracking calls from your potential customers.

Optimal lead-generation through Call Tracking

Simple and efficient implementation of Call Tracking
Your company’s website is used every single day, which gives you the information you need to analyze your customers’ behavior. For that purpose, Call Tracking is a valuable product for tracking and optimizing company calls. Call Tracking tracks customer behavior on your website and analyzes customer calls, enabling you to optimize your online marketing efforts.


Optimize and target your marketing budget
By using Call Tracking, you receive valuable data that are plotted directly into Analytics, and by combining AdWords and Call Tracking, you optimize your AdWords budget and create more referrals for your marketing funds.




Advantages of Call Tracking:

  • Easy and efficient installation
  • Optimization yields more customers
  • Support and collaborative partnering
  • Focus is on earning customers

Advantages of Green.Click:

  • We integrate with Google Analytics
  • Generic call information
  • We know where your calls are coming from
  • We integrate with AdWords
  • Support and collaborative partnering

Six good reasons to choose Call Tracking

Call Tracking & Analytics

Decipher information directly in Google Analytics about which parts of your advertising create value.

Optimize your AdWords budget

Get more referrals from your AdWords budget, or minimize cost per customer referral.

General call information

From length of calls, time of calls, and amount of calls, your results are optimized.

Support and two-way communication

Get e-mail and phone support through your business consultant.

The source of your sale

Learn which ads, search words, or marketing channels create customer referrals.

Understand the needs of your customers

Become familiar with your customers’ behavior and adjust your services or products accordingly.

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