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Advertising on Bing is for ambitious companies that want to be one step ahead of the competition and closer to paying customers. At Green.Click our certified Bing specialists convert your marketing efforts on the search engine of the future into a profitable investment with measurable results.

Are you utilizing the lucrative advantages of the internet’s overlooked search engine?

Are you experiencing massive competition on your search words on Google and want an additional tool to achieve greater visibility at a lower cost? With Bing Ads you get the same advantages and features as with Google, only with less competition, cheaper click prices, and more top placements. Contact a Bing specialist from Green.Click and hear more about current Bing trends in your line of business and achieve the benefits of being a first mover.

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Bing Ads - your ideal supplement to Google AdWords

Why concern yourself with advertising on Bing when 9 out of 10 searches are performed on Google? In addition to lower click prices and less competition, Bing is to an increasing degree being implemented as the standard search engine on a number of units, including Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads. With visibility on Bing, you not only conquer market shares from your competitors but simultaneously prepare your company for the search engine of the future.

Case story
Green.Click helped us win back good placements when we launched a new website. This has generated increased traffic to our website. – Dansk Hvidevare Service
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Google AdWords

Combine your marketing on Bing with Google AdWords and achieve visibility on two dominant search engines.

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Google Remarketing

Reach customers who have previously visited your website and turn lost customers into paying customers.

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Become visible on Bing Ads with a certified Bing specialist from Green.Click

At Green.Click we have dedicated Bing specialists for all your ad needs. We accommodate local businesses, nationwide companies, franchises, and international campaign management. Contact us at 70 230 540 and let us together achieve online success with Bing Ads. You can have us contact you here:


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