Analysis of your AdWords campaign

Give your AdWords campaign a Health Check and minimize expensive money pits and investments without return.

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AdWords Analysis

Have your current AdWords campaign reviewed by a certified AdWords specialist and uncover what you should do differently — and how. There is a lot of money to be saved and customers to be gained by targeting and accurately configuring your Google visibility.

Your return: Less wasted marketing funds, better utilization of budget, less expensive clicks, expert assessment of search word relevance, counselling and collaborative partnering, and elimination of expensive, erroneous configurations.

Get the answer with a Health Check


Do you have the following questions?

  • Am I getting enough visitors on my website?
  • Am I getting the right visitors on my website?
  • Are my clicks generating enough conversions and sales?
  • What does a customer referral cost?
  • Is my marketing profitable?
  • What traffic sources generate the largest returns?

Then you can the answers by means of:

  • A professional assessment by a certified specialist
  • A thorough review of your Google AdWords account
  • A competitor analysis
  • A website and product subpage analysis
  • Counselling in relevant strategy and optimizations
  • Follow-up with specific improvement suggestions

Click Get a Health Check and we will contact you and review your AdWords account free of charge. We will advise you on how to optimize it for maximum marketing benefit.

Some of the components we review:
Search word relevance, budgets, ad texts, configurations and conversion tracking.

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Free AdWords Health Check

Is your Google marketing performing as desired?

Get a Health Check

We review the following components of your campaign

Campaign configuration
Are your ad groups sorted by topic?

Search words
Are you using the most profitable words? And have you remembered the synonyms?

Negative search words
Exclude irrelevant search words and avoid expensive clicks.

Geographical circumscription
Configure your advertising according to the local area.

Budget and bidding
Optimize your bidding on the basis of its potential for creating value.

Ad text
Are you differentiating yourself?

Add phone numbers and addresses to increase visibility.

Implement Google Analytics and use your marketing funds judiciously.

Is there a common thread to your website and AdWords campaign?

And much, much more.

Evaluation of results

You receive the results of the analysis in a PDF file.

You subsequently collaborate with the AdWords specialist who explains the Health Check in a language you understand. The collaboration entails advice and optimization recommendations that will enable you to fulfill your needs and reach your objectives.


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