Social Responsibility — Green.Click's daily team player

Social responsibility is an important everyday component at Green.Click. Our company employs a conscious CSR strategy that entails making room for employees with special needs.

Employees with special needs
We manage the social responsibility demands that come with the territory of running a company on the basis of our core values by making daily room for employees with special needs and allowing them to function and work on their own terms and within a framework customized to the individual.

Today we have three qualified people with special needs. We have a programmer with ADHD, a business counsellor with diabetes who weight trains three times a week during work hours, and an analyst who struggles with social anxiety. Common among them is that when we give them the necessary time and resources to manage their individual circumstances and needs, we get in return skilled employees who create value for Green.Click.

Trash, recycling, and reduction of our resource use
At Green.Click we work with a trash sorting plan that enables us to ship as much trash as possible off to recycling while simultaneously reducing paper waste.

We generally prioritize reducing resource use in all parts of the company. We focus especially on reducing our use of fossil fuels and our CO2 emissions. Through the hiring of a kitchen manager, we have taken a large step toward minimizing our resource use and food waste in connection with the company’s lunch scheme.

Green.Click doing good

The consistency of Green.Click’s distinct policies concerning social responsibility makes it an instinctive and characteristic step for us to collaborate with FANT (a charity that promotes football in Africa), Astma-Allergi Foreningen (a charity that fights asthma and allergies), and Gestus (a charity that aids vulnerable children’s families in North Jutland).

For a number of years, we supported Julemærkehjemmene (a charity that helps vulnerable, lonely, or over-weight children) through the so-called ‘e-Julemærkeordning’. As a collaborator with Julemærkehjemmene, we received a lovely e-Julemærke stamp with happy children on all of our e-mails. We did this to create a real sense of Christmas spirit in both sender and receiver — not least in the kids whose lives were changed through a stay at one of Denmark’s four Julemærkehjem (charity homes).

Collaborators who take social responsibility seriously

At Green.Click we have chosen to support, and collaborate with, organizations, companies, and associations we believe share some of our core values; core values that are characterized by social responsibility and create value for society, socially as well as economically.

We are very proud of our collaboration with Google, Trustpilot, e-mærket, and Væksthuset, who each in their own way makes a difference and is conscious of the social responsibility that is expected of companies of their size and influence.

At Green.Click we emphasize education and have consequently established a close collaboration with UCN and AMU Centret in Aalborg concerning interns. This collaboration carries with it that they regularly send some young people our way who get to see how a modern company works and whether a life at an online marketing agency appeals to them.

We are also very pleased with the close collaboration we have built with We are a company that bases our product on our customers’ use of the internet, and that makes it important to us to minimize Co2 emissions that stem from internet usage. Our good collaboration with allows us to do just that.