Certifications and memberships

At Green.Click we are dedicated to always improving our expertise, enabling you to receive the best possible advice. Through relevant education and certifications, we are your guarantee of cutting edge knowledge and counselling.

Google Premier Partner
As one of only a few agencies in Denmark, Green.Click has become a Google Premier Partner. This obligates us to keep delivering great results and is a of great benefit to our clients.

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Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Green.Click has after completion of the Bing Ads Accredited Professional program the training and resources to counsel our clients about the optimal use of Bing.

Microsoft Partner
As Microsoft Partner we follow the development of Microsoft products and integrations. Every day, we use this partnership to keep ourselves updated about additions and changes to Microsoft’s products that help strengthen our entire product portfolio.

SKI – chosen supplier
Green.Click is a supplier to SKI (Statens og Kommunens Indkøbs Service A/S), which means that we sell our services to the public sector through an SKI-regulated accord.

Google AdWords Certified Partner
Green.Click is a qualified Google AdWords Certified Partner. We have fulfilled all demands and passed several exams to attain this certification.

See our Google-certification here.


Google Analytics Qualified Individual
We have gone through Analytics training and passed the Analytics exam, which grants us status of Google Analytics Certified partner. With this status, we train Danish businesses.

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IngenCO2 – CO2-neutralize your traffic
The IngenCO2 initiative aims to create a better environment. Green.Click supports the initiative and works with IngenCO2 on spreading the message about neutralizing the electricity the traffic on your website uses.

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ICT NORTH DANMARK – BrainsBusiness
BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership in the area of IKT that works to support and develop the North Jutland cluster. BrainsBusiness collects a number of North Jutland’s strong private and public actors and creates networks and cross collaborations.

FDIH – Foreningen For Dansk Internethandel
As a member of FDIH, we follow the development of internet trade in Denmark. Through FDIH we have access to business statistics, internet trade law, and seminaries.

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E-handelsfonden membership
As a member of E-handelsfonden, we collaborate with the organization on disseminating secure internet trade and trust in online trading. In connection with this, we organized the event Vækst Med Tillid (Growth With Trust).

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Erhverv Norddanmark – Chamber of Commerce
Green.Click is a member of the private non-profit organization Erhverv Norddanmark – Chamber of Commerce, which is a network that seeks to be the mouthpiece of the collective business community and to create value through growth, development, and the sharing of knowledge.