We are experts at attracting relevant customer referrals

Through analysis, generation of traffic, and finding the quickest route to customers, Green.Click produces results that improve your bottom line.

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  • Brand

    SEO, display banners, and Facebook

    With a strengthened brand and increased knowledge of your product or service, you achieve a 'top of mind' effect that makes your customers choose you over your competitors.

  • Attract

    AdWords, Bing, and Google Shopping

    Attract your potential customers when they search for your specific product by utilizing our solutions such as AdWords, Bing, Google Shopping, and Remarketing m.m.

  • Analyze

    Optimal returns

    By continuously analyzing the produced data and results, you can change your marketing to a process that yields optimal returns at the lowest possible prices.

  • Optimize

    Maximum potential

    By using your analyzed data, you can achieve a marketing that continuously works to create value for your company.

  • Repeat

    Maintain your position

    By repeating this process in a fixed schedule, you continuously benefit optimally from your marketing efforts and maintain your position.

Your results are our success. Brand, Attract, Analyze, Optimize & Repeat.

We make difficult look easy. Like a regular Arnold Palmer, we move your company from the tall grass onto the green, maximizing the benefits of your online presence.

How the model works

Supplier for the new generation of online companies

Through analysis, generation of traffic, and finding the quickest route to customers, Green.Click produces results that improve your bottom line. We utilize the latest technologies, ensuring solutions that are always ahead of the curve.

We believe in transparency and long-term relationships over quick-fix solutions and work strategically with — and take a panoramic view of — your online marketing efforts.

Online marketing is our passion
We want to help Danish companies achieve a visible and attractive position on Google. We seek to do this through reliable and trusting relationships in which we through good work earn the privilege of becoming your preferred online marketing collaborator. Along the way, we continually share our expert knowledge with you in an easily accessible manner, enabling you to fully understand how we work for you and your company.

Enjoying work is important to us
We wish only to attract co-workers who, like us, are impassioned and professionally strong. They must also thrive in an impassioned company that thinks big and innovatively, and for whom quality assurance is essential. Next to online marketing, however, enjoying work is our chief dedication!


Case story
Through targeted online marketing i our local area, we achieved palpable results for our company.
– Gades Møbelcenter
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We strengthen the online position of Danish companies.


The preferred collaborator of European companies within SEM and SEO.


Transparency, passion, and credibility.


Is online marketing worth the investment? See a small selection of our clients and what they have achieved with AdWords and SEO.

We offer specific, targeted solutions

We typically have longer-lasting relationships with our clients who more become collaborators with whom we work to achieve a common objective than merely a client for whom we solve a single task.


Thank you!

Client with Green.Click

It is important to us that our clients feel a sense of ownership of the efforts we help them target and execute.

We believe in transparency in our collaborative efforts and see the benefit in clients handling many of the components of the process themselves, should they want to. That way the clients always know what is happening in the marketing process and can better integrate the efforts and results into the whole of their organization.

We possess the best technologies on the market and are always on the cutting edge of new trends. This enables us to always provide the best solutions for our clients.

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